Kimzey takes over CBR top spot with win in Bossier City


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from Leigh Ann Schroeder, Championship Bull Riding

Hotter than the dice tables, the unrelenting World Champion Sage Steele Kimzey, fought off two determined rookies and twenty two qualified bull rides to thrill the fans on a Louisiana Saturday night at the Eldorado Resort Shreveport Tuff Hedeman Championship Bull Riding held at the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City, Lousiana.

Kimzey’s flawless performance moved him into the CBR’s No. 1 position in the World Standings title race and he had this to say about the new ranking.

“This win really gets the ball rolling for me, I made a couple of short rounds this year, but this one got me back to the No. 1 spot. I really like having the target on my back, some guys don’t, but being number one, its mine to win then and after I hit No. 1 it’s (World Championship) mine to win and as long as I do my job and take care of my business it will all work out.”

Round 1

Rookie CBR rider Joseph McConnell making his third appearance on the televised tour struck first with 88 points on 2015 Bull of the Year, Gold Buckle.

Brennon Eldred would lead the second section with his picture perfect 88 point ride on 161 Firehouse, but the World Champs Sage Kimzey and Cody Teel were on his heels with 87.5 points apiece riding the Jaynes Gang TNT Foreplay and Rawson’s White Wolf.

Section three would witness another rookie put up points as Colton Jesse from Sulphur, Okla., took the lead and he would eventually win the round with 88.5 points on Elite’s 059 Boomer.

There were fourteen qualified rides in round one. With only twelve advancing, Newt Brasfield and Wrangler Dunda would not qualify for a second bull.

Semifinal Round

Sage Kimzey would take control of the night in the semifinal round riding 626 Karaoke for 89 points to win the round and set him in the driver’s seat for selecting his final four bull.

“I have never been on that bull but seen him so much, I was excited to see my name by his, he felt great, a quick corner then into my hand and it was like driving a Cadillac,” said Kimzey about 626 Karaoke, the storied bucker who has probably won as much money bucking as Kimzey has riding.

O’Mara would turn in an 87.5 solid performance on J87 Lil Red. But it was the rookies that stood their ground against the ten other semifinal cowboys.

McConnell was 85 on Platinum Gold and Colton Jesse was 86.5 on Terry Williams Crime Boss which would be enough to advance them, but it was tour veterans Corey Bailey and Cody Teel that had the tough decisions to make.

Teel was 83.5 on an off night for Black Betty and Corey Bailey was 74 on  Green Machine. Both were offered resides and declined.

sage kimzey bossier city slab flab

Sage Kimzey spurs Flab Slab for 90 points, the win, and a check for over $11K at the Bossier City Road to Cheyenne CBR Tour Stop. Robby Freeman photo.

Shoot Out Round

With six riders covering two bulls, it took a 172.5 on two bulls to advance to the final four man round.

Kimzey, with the 177 average lead, earned the right to select first and according to him, it was a decision he did not have to ponder. Setting up a rematch, Kimzey picked EG 2575 Flab Slab which he had ridden previously for 90.5.

“I knew I was going that way if given the opportunity to choose him. He usually goes left, but he went right tonight, but he bucks awesome all the time”, said a smiling Sage Kimzey after signing autographs for over an hour in the CenturyLink Center.

CBR rookie Jesse Colton was next with 175 on two and he selected a bull he had seen before but never drawn, EG 1925 Painkiller. O’Mara with 173.5 selected Harris’ Big Baby which left the second rookie to make the four man, Joseph McConnell with the unridden Cowbanger.

McConnell bucked off first, but with the Louisiana crowd in his corner O’Mara took the Big Baby to 7.69 seconds disappointing what had turned into a hometown crowd for O’Mara.

With nerves of steel, eighteen year old Jesse Colton in his first Shoot Out round took Painkiller to the whistle for 89 points setting up a duel between the rookie and the 3 time World Champion.

With the crowd on their feet and anxious to see the first 90 point ride of the night, Sage Kimzey delivered 90 points on Flab Slab.

Bull Team Challenge

The dynamic duo of Winston Loe and Corey Melton stood in the winner’s circle for the Bossier Bull Team Challenge winning by one of the largest margins on this year’s tour, 3.91 points.


World Standings Race

Sage Steele Kimzey took the lead on the 2016 Road to Cheyenne Tour after round one.. With only four points separating him and Cody Rostockyj, Kimzey was aware when Rostockyj bucked off Harris’s Ole School in the first round that he had moved into the No. 1 position..

Riding all three of his draws Kimzey moved 262.5 points ahead of Rostockyj who is now in the No. 2 ranking. With two qualified rides in Bossier, Cody Teel remains the No. 3 man with Jacob O”mara moving to No. 4.

Shoot Out Round

1, Sage Kimzey, Strong City, Okla., 90 points on EG2575 Flab Slab, $11,350.  2, Jesse Colton, Sulphur, Okla., EG 1925 Painkiller, $7,150.

Average Rider Results

1, S. Kimzey, 266.50, $11,350. 2, J. Colton, 264, $7,150.  3, J. O’Mara, 173, $2,250. 4, J. McConnell, 172.5, $2,250.

Bull Team Results

1, Winston Loe Melton, 285.39, $20,000. 2, Elite 3, 281.48, $12,000. 3, Championship Pro Rodeo K & G, 279.5, $8,000. 4, Harris, Rafter B Rockin C, 277.32, $5,000.

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